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Who We Are

Read more about our history in this historic document or this letter from a former volunteer.

our team

We are a volunteer based ministry made up of people from different nationalities and backgrounds. We believe in seeing the power of the Holy Spirit transforms lives as we work alongside one another from a mix of different denominations. We all have one goal in mind to share the Love of Christ with anyone who comes in, to show compassion to those in need, and enjoy the diversity of life God brings through each individual.

You see, it isn’t about the coffee, the tea, or the meal

 which we want great quality for, but it is about the conversations that happens across the table or even at the til. WE believe in connecting people to other people and partnering with our community. We are a ministry first, then a bookshop and then a cafe. So if you’re looking for a safe comfortable and some good food, we look forward to seeing you soon.

As a Charitable institution house it has operated for over 200 years sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ (which is at the center of everything we do), distributes Christian Literature, and looking after those in need. Each on of these are on going as this it what allows us to keep our charity status but more important we believe that each person is valued and loved by God. 

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